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2011-08-13 04:01:12 by Ahnold20

E. Honda the father of planking :D


Merry Christmas Newgrounds

2010-12-25 21:00:31 by Ahnold20

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Newgrounds

hope you like my new art for the yuletide season :D

Merry Christmas Newgrounds

The Room

2010-12-23 03:19:35 by Ahnold20

completed the room medals
nothing much


My Art

2010-12-14 01:33:28 by Ahnold20

just to cure my boredom i want you all to just check my art, since they dont really get pass to the art portal. I just want your critisism and your suggestions in my gallery.

I'll be making more if im satisfied :D


NoT dead YeT

2010-11-16 02:47:08 by Ahnold20

cuz i almost died of bordome ".

Hi Ya ALL!!

2010-05-18 03:07:00 by Ahnold20

im just bored got nothing to do for this month.But still newgrounds is AWESOME and Tom OWNS us.

My new art

2010-02-23 21:12:46 by Ahnold20

Hope it can go through the art portal

Please recommend my art.

My new art

hi there!

2009-09-04 06:20:17 by Ahnold20

pls leave some comments after leaving pls or check and recommend my art.
thank you

Tomorrow is my b-day

2009-09-02 00:51:49 by Ahnold20

nothing much hope i can get some comments

What a beautiful day

2009-08-20 22:11:34 by Ahnold20

And also im bored...........

3 adventurers Philip,Kyle,and Diego who wonderd around the forest and got captured by tribes.
The tribes chief said that they will be good for sacrifice but the 3 begged for mercy.The chief gave them another chance if they go to the forest and bring some fruits and if they escape they will be decapitated and shrink there heads.So they wonderd off again to bring some fruits.The 2 came back Philip and Kyle.
Philip offered bananas while Kyle offers small berries.The chief said to pick one fruit and screw that in your ass but if you laugh we will hack you to death.So Philip came first he slowly screwed the banana in his ass but due it was a very funny punishment he laughed and got killed and went to heaven.During his time in heaven Kyle followed.Philip asked why did you laugh when the berries are so easy.Kyle answerd that the berries was doing fine but a second later I saw Diego carrying a PINEAPPLE.